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Let's face it, keeping track of medical billing changes is challanging. That's why so many medical practices outsource their medical billing and claims. A great first step to reduce the number of claims coming back is to outsource this tedious task to a professional.

Mistakes not only will result in loss of reimbursement and revenue it can also leave your practice vulnerable to being banned from billing Medicare or Medicaid. The federal government has “zero tolerance” for errors, fraud or abuse. A practice can be prevented from billing Medicare or Medicaid services for years if it is found negligent whether mistakes are intentional or not.

Medical billing errors can also have a negative impact on your patients as well! A failure to bill correctly may affect a patient’s treatment due to an incorrect diagnostic code that could lead to improper patient care at another practice.

The smaller a providers practice the more likely problems can occur as smaller practices often just don't have the resources, protocols and qualified staff to properly manage patient billing and claims.

Still not convinced about outsourcing your medical billing?

How about the fact that hiring billing professionals like Accelerated Billing Soltutions can actually increase your revenue and the speed by which you get paid. Also an impartial, third-party billing expert can evaluate claims to ensure that there aren't problems among staff members or how bills are being submitted. Letting an error go unchecked is often worse than making a mistake or two.

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