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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how you can benefit from the services of Accelerated Billing Services.

We would be happy to speak with you about your practice, your concerns, or goals. We can tailor the best billing system for you at the most reasonable price. Here are a few commonly asked questions. If you still have questions we encourage you to call use directly for a consultation.


Why Should I Outsource My Billing

Medical Billing Professionals know billing and how to submit a clean claim the first time, which results in quick payments as opposed to denials.  In fact, your costs will decrease when you don't have to pay an employee a salary and benefits to perform this important task for your company.

 Why Should I Choose Accelerated Billing Solutions, LLC

Our clients choose us because we are a small team who are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. We do not use a cookie cutter model as each practice has different needs, concerns and goals.  We know how important your bottom line is and will work diligently to increase 3rd party payments.

How Do I Know Which Services to Choose

We will discuss the process you are currently using and offer suggestions on how to improve or replace various protocols. We offer the assistance you need to make an informed decision and will openly explain our system of billing.

FREE Customized
Billing Consultations

We customize your business billing needs so that you can get paid for the services you provide more quickly.