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  • We Help Medical Professionals Get Paid Quicker & Easier

    Accelerated Medical Billing is your solution to streamlining your billing practices so you can focus on your patients.
  • Customized Solutions Made for YOU

    One size does not fit all. That's why we tailor a billing solution that customized to your practice and YOUR business needs.
  • Accelerated Medical Billing Has 26 Years of Experience

    We have been doing medical billing for over 26 years and have streamlined the process.

We Get Results

Our focus is on getting results for you - making sure you get paid quickly & effectively.

Reduce Denials

We know the billing & claim process and how to submit a successful claim right the first time around.

No Stress

As your trusted billing advisors we stay on top of ever changing regulations. So relax and let us handle the details!


Our billing solutions are customized to you. Our pricing, just like our services are designed uniquely for your needs.

We customize your business billing needs so that you can get paid for the services you provide more quickly.

Outsourcing your medical billing with Accelerated Medical Billing, LLC will put more money in your pockets sooner.

HOW you ask? The answer is easy. We have a streamlined process that is efficient in scrubbing and submitting claims. We track patient account activity so you don't have to.  Accelerated Medical Billing, LLC provides monthly reports that are tailored to what information you are interested in receiving. 

Examples include:

• Accounts Receivables Balance

• Monthly total of income

• Monthly total of charges

There is always change happening in the Healthcare world but we take the worry and anxiety out of creating the cash flow you need to run your practice. 

Everything we do is customized for your practice.

How We Can Help Streamline Your Billing Process

Accelerated Medical Billing, LLC is your resource for personalized billing services. Here's how we can help you improve billing for clients, get better returns for your business and get paid faster and easier. We are specialists in the area of Behavior Health.

Prepare & Submit Insurance Claims
EDI Management
Collect & Post Payments
Send Patient Statements & Answer Patient Billing Questions
Provide Billing Reports

FREE Customized
Billing Consultations

We customize your business billing needs so that you can get paid for the services you provide more quickly.